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The Power Of His Might Church, Istanbul – Who we are

The Power Of His Might Church, Istanbul – Who we are

The name of the church was given from the book of Ephesians chapter 6:10. THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT (PHMC) on the 25th of November 2018. The church started her first service in February 2019.

The activities and church services are as follows.

Every Tuesday we have our PSP. Praise, Study and Pray. It’s our bible study time.

Last Friday, Holy Communion. Checking ourselves to remain in Faith and of His Righteousness.

Last Sunday, we have our Thanksgiving service for the month and the upcoming month. Special ceremonies like child dedication, car dedication are honored.

First Sunday, anointing service. We pray for power to start a new month into every success.

Ministers of God around Turkey and beyond gather for WORLD VISION every second Tuesday of each month, where many nationalities will gather to worship God in one Spirit, one Mind. Over 20 nationalities gathered for this event.

We conduct believers class twice a year. That is, every six month, we train new believers to join the Kingdom’s race and work for Jesus. Certificate after conclusion of the training will be awarded. We also teach about baptism and go for the exercise at a river in summer. Certificate of baptism will be given.

We have the following Departments and Fellowship.

1.    Men’s Fellowship.

2.    Women’s Fellowship

3.    Adult and Youth Fellowship

4.    Children Department.

5.    Ushering Department.

6.    Media and Sound Department.

7.    Choir Department.

8.    House Fellowship.

9.    Sanitation Department.

10.  Welfare and Hospitality Department.

11.  Evangelism Department.


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