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By Quegas Mutale

Binga Deanery health care staff posing for a photo after holy mass.

Catholic nurses of Binga deanery in Hwange diocese took advantage of the commemoration of the belated International Nurses’ Day to create awareness on drug and substance abuse at All Souls Mission on 14 May 2023.

Annually, the international nurse’s day is celebrated on 12 May. However, Binga deanery nurses saw it fit to commemorate the day with others on a Sunday where there would be a high presence of congregants.

“We requested from the priest in charge, Fr. Joshua to conduct the commemorations with holy mass this Sunday and we were granted the permission”, said one senior nurse.

Zimbabwe as a nation is battling with eradication of drug and substance abuse, especially amongst the youths as noted by recent campaigns.

Health care staff renewing their pledge during holy mass as they commemorate International Nurses Day.

The 14 nurses in Binga deanery took it to the Church to campaign against drug and substance abuse which has grown rampantly in the community. This indicates that the Church is not spared by the phenomenon of drug and substance abuse and must take a lead in preventing the challenge.

After Mass the nurses were accorded an opportunity to present to the congregants on drug and substance abuse.

Nurses explained the driving factors of drug and substance abuse; the consequences which are physical, social and psychological, and the preventive measures.

“Nowadays people, especially the youths are abusing the most common items. They extract jelly from pampers which they use as a drug. They also use cerevita to brew a drug which they consume and get intoxicated”, one of the nurses said.

The nurses expressed concern that people who abuse drugs and substances end up lacking interest in attending Church activities or school.

The nurses challenged the Church to take serious preventive measures to combat the cancer of drugs.

The gesture challenged the Church to join the whole nation to speak against drug and substance abuse. However, it is worth noting that the Catholic Church is not silent about drug and substance abuse as the Catholic Church News on 08 May 2023 released an article about how the Young Adults in the Archdiocese of Bulawayo made a campaign against drug abuse.

The congregants were urged to be on the lookout and guard their children against drug and substance abuse.

On the day, the nurses renewed their pledge as a sign of commitment to their service.


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