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God’s judgement on Nigeria and the coming revival

God’s judgement on Nigeria and the coming revival


“Therefore I will judge you., everyone according to his ways, saith the Lord God. Repent, and turn yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin. Ezekiel 18:30).

 “For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?” (1 Peter 4:17). (Ezekiel 18:30-31).


Each spiritual revival that has happened, whether in the past or in our present world did carry some predominant and visible fruits.

 Some sort of signs confirm the promises of God concerning the revival. The most prominent of them are repentance and judgement.

 It has always been genuine repentance from sin, one that comes from the heart of God’s people which spread down among non-believers resulting in the change of heart, ways, influence, character, fruits and lifestyle.

 This undoubtedly flows down among communities and Nations with great impact in Reformation and Transformation.

 The second element of such revival is judgement on powers, barriers, oppositions, strongholds and confrontations.

 This is important for the progress of the work.  This fulfils the scripture which states that “I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it”(Matt.16.18)


The Revival under Prophet Elijah

During the darkest time in Israel, the darkness was steered by Jezebel an agent of abomination along with her wicked Husband King Ahab whom Satan used to perpetuate iniquities and bloodshed in the land.

An individual was found whom God positioned to pray and speak as a prophetic voice against the despicable atrocities in the land, and for the accomplishment of the coming revival which he was used for.

 1kings 18 depicts the involvement of God in man’s predicament and situation. No one could have ever thought of such a mighty move that would make worshipers of Baal declare that the “Lord He is God”.

 The abominations in Israel during this time were very much detestable because of the Demonic king that was ruling them: It was said that Ahab along with his wife aroused the anger of the Lord more than any other ruler in Israel because of the many evils done by them.

 Ahab went against God’s command concerning marriage with foreign women and even went as far as enacting a Baal god in the temple of the Lord.

 He made the children of Israel commit treacherous acts against God. He killed many prophets of God. But in spite of all God who abounds in love and justice decided to initiate a move that made Israelites to confess ” THE LORD ALONE IS GOD”.

 It was the knowledge of God’s supremacy that brought Repentance. The fire that fell was a fire of judgement against the prophets of Baal and a fire of conviction that took place spiritually which stirred their hearts, and caused their mouths to proclaim ” THE LORD ALONE IS GOD”.

 This Move not only established the supremacy of God over all other gods, it went as far as establishing the awe of God in the hearts of the people. It brought rain to the land.

 It also brought about the cleansing of the land because the prophets of Baal and Baal god were totally destroyed. They experienced the fire of God’s judgement.

 The Revival under Prophet Jonah

 The revival under the prophet Jonah was one of the greatest revivals in the history of the world. It impacted the whole nation starting from the king to infants.

Even animals had to partake in the revival. A whole nation genuinely repented from sin, wickedness, idolatry, false religion, and violence. And they were delivered from the impending doom and wrath of God.

 This revival along with the revival at Mount Carmel is the revival that has begun in Nigeria and the fire would surely spread to all of Africa and the world.

 Both the Jonaic and the Elijaic revivals have begun simultaneously in Nigeria.  The palpable and effective significance of these two revivals in the time past can not be underestimated.

If we anticipate the Jonaic revival only, just some part of the will of God would be done, but along with the revival at Mount Carmel, it would achieve a more far-reaching effect in our land.

 In a Nation where iniquity has gone rife and where the souls of men have been kept under bondage by wicked vessels that are used by the devil. It is pertinent to note that we also need a judgemental revival that would put the awe of God into the hearts of men.

When revival comes along with a fire of judgement, it propels men to serve God in awe and reverence and it also makes the complete will of God to be achieved instantly.

 It will happen just like during the time of Elijah. After the manifestation of God through the prophet, Jezebel and Ahab still threatened Elijah despite seeing the manifestation of God’s supremacy over other gods before their very eyes.

 Notwithstanding, they had to face the dire judgemental backhands of the revival which brought their destruction.

 I am not suggesting an antipathy or hatred for sinners nor the death of human enemies and persecutors because God commands us to pray for our enemies and those that hate us, praying against human enemies could be termed as a sin of witchcraft (Mk 15:23; 1Sam 15:23; Isa 1:2).

 Rather, I am emphasizing the fact that for the will of God to be accomplished, and revival to spread, there are hardened barriers that would have to be removed completely.

 We all know there was an opportunity for Jezebel and Ahab to REPENT but they didn’t because of their hardened hearts which all the way brought their doom(1 Kings 22:29-40; 2 Kings 9:30-37).


Revival at Pentecost

 The Revival at Pentecost came along with the fire of judgement. This is exemplified in the case of Simon the Sorcerer who wanted to monetize the power of the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus.

 He was blind for a season, this also brought the fear of God upon the Church and as many as heard these things. ( Acts 8:9-25). There were so many others like Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11), and Herod’s death (Acts 12:1-25) that were consumed in the fire of revival.

 Elymas a false prophet and sorcerer ( Acts 13:1-12). Seven sons of Sceva (Acts 19:13-20), and so many of them all felt the other side of God’s revival that caused the revival to spread to all the world and brought the FULFILMENT of God’s plans and purposes on the earth.

So therefore as long as we anticipate the Jonaic revival, we also anticipate the revival at Mount Carmel which brought about the destruction of the prophets of Baal who are against the will of God from being accomplished as well as the Pentecost revival.

The Jonaic Revival as I term it is the outpouring of the very Spirit of God upon hardened sinners(the pagan nation) that made God brood on them in a unique way.

 The great revival of the 20th century

 Reports revealed that the East African revival of 1936 would be one of the longest-lasting revivals in modern history, spanning about 50 years.

 From 1927-1936. Simon Nsibambi was one of the key initiators of this great revival movement. This remarkable movement of the Holy Spirit began in Uganda and Rwanda into Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo and all over the world.

 The fruit of this revival was repentance from sins.  Millions of Christians were touched by the revival and it was influential in raising a new generation of leaders to carry the church forward with African leadership.

 The Holy Spirit moved within mission schools and spread to churches and to communities, producing deep repentance and changing lives. Public confession was one characteristic of this revival. Stolen goods were returned, ranging from money, hoes, and even razor blades. The revival went global in its influence.

 The only solution to the present global distress and discombobulation happening in Nigeria and Africa is revival.

 The  Church is really dying. She has become so worldly, hardened and mesmerized by sin. Homosexuality, lesbianism and all manner of perversions run wild in the Church. The sheep are being led astray because of the wrong and destructible gospel, one that could rob men of eternal salvation.

 I want to explicitly state here that revival often manifests first through a MIGHTY WORK OF PRAYER AND INTERCESSION.

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God’s prophecy today: June 2023.


I received this prophecy from the Lord at the time I was writing this piece.


God’s judgement has begun, first on the church and her leaders and then on enemies of the church and Christianity in Nigeria. The move of the Holy Spirit and  Revival fire has begun for the cleansing of His people, churches and that of the nation from sin and wickedness for His purposes and plans to be accomplished.

 He has begun a judgemental fire against those that are involved in theft and lies so he could purify His church and for righteousness and holiness among His people.

 He has come down to act as a Sovereign control over His church and the nation to complete the task of the Great Commission,  evangelization of the whole of Nigeria, Africa and the world.

 Therefore, I  plead with you to let us bow down in compunction and repent genuinely from our hearts. Let us return to the Lord Jesus Christ making sure we give ourselves to the ongoing cleansing fire and restoration individually and cooperately in the church.

 God’s purpose is to restore His light, power and glory to our ruined, cold, worldly, dead, materialistic and sin-mesmerized churches through His Love and care and to cause a judgmental Revival fire.

 The Holy Spirit has begun to boycott every obstacle both in the physical and spiritual world that stands against this move and His revival power. He is forcing Satan out of the pulpits.

 He is also eradicating fake church leaders, false prophets and teachers and all the people standing against the true undiluted words of God, just like the time of Elijah and the prophets of Baal in which those false prophets were wiped off for good.

 God is raising and releasing new disciples; a new generation army to take His  Church forward through His own ordained and set plans and ways not by gimmicks, titles, lies, human doctrines, demonic powers,  educational fluency or human prowess but by the ministry of the Holy Spirit and Power just as the days of the Apostles, in which mere men were used to wrought revivals and wonders.

 It would so happen that just has the rulers of law recognized the Apostles has uneducated mere men, God would cause a shift that would handpick men we have despised, men we can refer to as stones crying out, men with or without any theological education, titles or religion these men would be driven by the very Spirit of God.

 In fact God has begun to cause a greater move of the time of old in our day and dispensation, a move that would make God’s Spirit to be felt tangibly and palpably, a move that would bring us to have a holy awe of Christ and His Father.

 God has begun to cause a greater outpouring of His Spirit of repentance, salvation, supplication,  intercession and a new move of biblical prayers to bring joy, peace, knowledge and understanding, real and tangible revelation of who He is among His people and churches.

This undoubtedly would begin to yield fruits of conviction of sin, repentance and conversion of souls to faith in Christ even greatly among the non-believers, especially the Muslims in Nigeria. He has also extended  His hand of judgement against enemies of Christianity, redemption, reformation, transformation and agenda for the nation of Nigeria.

 God would even go as far as releasing the fire of His judgement upon those that have detested His several warnings to turn from evil for a total cleansing of the nation from age-long apostasies, wickedness, false religions,  killings, rituals, witchcraft, occultism, sorcery, idols, altars, gods, corruption and abominations etc. that have been ravaging the nation.

 God has begun to judge the  operations and activities of injustice, idolatry, wickedness, abominations, and all manner of sins and satanic  organizations and institutions, policies, doctrines, culture, structures, constitutions etc

 God has begun a move even against unrepentant people or institutions. Those that have been hindering His plan and purpose for our lives, communities, states and nation one way or the other are being dealt.

 Those who mortgage lives,  stars, glories and destines of innocent and helpless citizens and Prophetic agenda for the nation are also being taken care of.


John Abiola.

 Revive Us Again series 82.

 [email protected].


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