President Tinubu has been fair to Christians so far-Osibanjo


 A Frontline member of the Directorate of Politics and Governance of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Engr Adesegun Osibanjo, has observed that President Bola Tinubu has been fair to Christians in the appointments he made so far.

 He made the observation in a statement made available to Church Times on Friday, July 7.

Osibanjo who had written several letters to the Christian Association of Nigeria on the need for it to support President Tinubu, said the fears of many people especially Christians have been allayed with the way the president kicked off his tenure.

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“So far I can say that the appointments made so far by the president have been very inclusive of Christians and Muslims and the six geopolitical zones,” Osibanjo said.

 He noted however that the Christians in Tinubu’s government so far were appointed on political affiliations and other considerations not based on the influence of CAN.

 He then urged CAN to consolidate the steps taken so far by President Tinubu. “I make bold to say that none of the current appointees of the Christian faith can stand up to defend our Faith when push comes to shove because they were not appointed based on CAN’s negotiation.

 “This is unlike those of other faith who have always supported the president and had negotiated with him before now,”

 Adesegun stressed that there is a need for CAN to put forward the best of Christians to President Tinubu before he makes other critical appointments.

 He states, “It has become imperative for CAN to rise above religious, political, ethnic, and other sentimental considerations to take our rightful place to get our professional men and women of impeccable character, integrity, and competence positioned in this administration for the good of Nigeria”

While noting that the election of President Tinubu is being challenged in court, he said, “The court case notwithstanding, I think it is important for CAN to get close to President Tinubu and advise him on his appointments so that not just anybody from among Christians will be appointed to ministerial positions and other available posts.”



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