Home EVENTS 2023 BCC Africa Workshop – Brunstad Christian Church in Africa

2023 BCC Africa Workshop – Brunstad Christian Church in Africa

2023 BCC Africa Workshop – Brunstad Christian Church in Africa


“Stewardship” was the theme for this year’s Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) Africa Workshop. The workshop is an annual event hosted by Brunstad Christian Church South Africa at the Stephanopark Conference Centre, in Vanderbijlpark. Camp Africa is held directly after the workshop, therefore most of the participants from BCC fellowships in Cameroon, The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda stay on and attend Camp Africa. View the Camp Africa article here

The topics covered at the three-day workshop were stewardship, budgeting, personal finance – boundaries and principles. Time was allocated for feedback and discussion sessions and mealtimes also facilitated time for discussion. The workshop gave insight into stewardship and how it is applicable to members of the church who are stewards of their local fellowship’s resources. There were presentations on the importance of budgeting; how to draw up a budget; recognise financial boundaries; and how to manage and stay within a budget, not only for a church, but for households and individuals as well.

At one of the sessions Tielman Slabbert, leader of BCCSA, explained that everyone has different talents, abilities, income, health, responsibilities etc., that can be seen as boundaries.  True joy is not determined by how much or little one has, but how one responds to circumstances and boundaries. Living righteously according to God’s will within one’s boundaries and circumstances will bring contentment, peace and joy.


Claude K Kamdem  (Cameroon):

“I am very thankful for the workshop.  I was reminded of the importance of staying within my boundaries and the consequences of not adhering to them – anxiety, debt, unhappiness. Simply living righteously in my personal life with what God has provided for me and my family, will enable me to be a good steward in the church. I learned how to manage my finances using a cell phone application – recording income and expenses.”

Lindiswa Goxo (South Africa):

“What spoke to me at the workshop was that I really need to understand what it is to be a true disciple of Christ. Being a good steward in the church means I must take heed to God’s will and live according to His word so that I am able to be a help to those around me.  Practising righteousness in all money matters and staying within my boundaries is very important.”

Eleazar Mkundika (Lilongwe, Malawi):

“At the workshop I learned that I need to understand my boundaries and work within them. I must acknowledge my incompetence and use the tools I have received to work better with my finances. I have also realised the importance of practising righteousness not only in money matters but in all aspects of my life. I am very thankful for the help I have received and want to become a good steward in the church.”

Collins Mauluka (Mulanje, Malawi):

“I am very thankful for the special workshop which was so powerful and clear.  I have learned that I must humble myself and live within my means and boundaries.”


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