Home NEWS Catholic Diocese of Hwange young adults on an exchange visit to Zambia first time after Covid-19 – Catholic Church News

Catholic Diocese of Hwange young adults on an exchange visit to Zambia first time after Covid-19 – Catholic Church News

Catholic Diocese of Hwange young adults on an exchange visit to Zambia first time after Covid-19 – Catholic Church News


By Honest Mudimba

Some of the Catholic young adults of Binga with Bishop Raphael Ncube and Fr. Trust Luyando Mwembe.

The Catholic Young Adults of Hwange Diocese are set to embark on an exchange pastoral visit to Holy Cross Catholic Mission, Mamba in Monze Diocese, Zambia from 10- 13 August 2023. The visit is an expression of a call to the life of faith expressed in the teaching of the Church.

In an interview, Fr. Masimba Nyoni, Dean for Binga Deanery said: “I would like to thank the Young Adults of All Souls Mission, Binga, who prioritized and prepared for a trip to Zambia. This inter-country spiritual visit will focus on exchanging gospel values especially the prayer life and the liturgy of the two dioceses. Secondly, the visit will enable the learning and sharing of social values such as culture and economic capabilities which can benefit young adults to cope with different challenges that they meet. The group would also want to learn songs and the use of instruments from the other side of the Zambezi so as to enrich their liturgy upon when they return home.”

Fr. Trust Luyando Mwembe, the spiritual advisor of young adults in Binga advised the pilgrims to showcase their capabilities, have time to exchange experiences of faith and learn from their counterparts in Zambia.

“This is not a picnic trip to Zambia but a spiritual outing to interact with fellow colleagues in the Catholic Church. It is a journey not only for All Souls Mission in Binga, but a group of members who will represent Hwange diocese as a whole,” Fr. Mwembe said.

He emphasized that as opposed to previous visits, this one should focus on transformation of lives in the mission and diocese; a journey that prepares people for the act of almsgiving, growth in faith as Catholics, to live a selfless life and advocate for a self- reliant church emerging from young adults.

In his words, Fr. Mwembe indicated that young adults from Hwange should learn how their counterparts in Zambia manage to remain resolute in their faith and teachings of the Church.

“The exchange visits between Catholics from Zimbabwe and Zambia have been there before Covid-19 outbreak. Young adults are trying to revive that culture as this is a spiritual nourishment of all individuals who will have the privilege to go and learn from others. Young adults are confident that the visit will be a success because a good number of people have registered and paid up,” Mr. Peter Muleya, the young adults animator of Binga said.

Ms. Faith Libambile Ngwenya, the chairperson of the Catholic Young Adults association of Binga deanery in Hwange diocese said she was encouraged by the positive attitude of young adults in responding to God’s call through taking up different duties assigned to them in the church. She said the pilgrimage to Zambia was a manifestation of their zeal to learn and grow in faith. She encouraged those remaining behind to join the travelling team in prayer and to look forward to the next trip.

Frs. Masimba Nyoni, Pritchard Shoko, Sr. Kuzileza Muchimba, Sr. Senzeni Muzamba, Sr. Leadlove Muleya and Sr. Indra Munkuli will accompany the young adults to Zambia.



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