The Algebra of violence – Catholic Church News


By Fr. Limukani Ndlovu

In this world of violence and wars

Are insane creatures and those who’ve gone hollow

Who labour tirelessly for the dethronement of God,

Defiant, arrogant and guilty of clamouring for equality with God

They incite violence and trigger blood shed

Entwined with self-absorption and self-obsession

In the fallen nature they’ve crookedly bent

The mind bound to be skewed

Banana-curved in on themselves

In the tattered rags of mortality and yet claim immortality

Unrelenting in their quest for revenge

Their zeal for retaliation retards their growth

Nothing but objects of distaste and disgust

Symbols of shame and arrogance

Proud of race, face, place and party

Destroying other civilizations in the name of civilization

Looting, plundering, squandering and exploiting

Obsessed in the mighty is right idol and corruption

They can’t think outside the box of clansmanship, rhetoric and indoctrination

Lest the voice of reason and conscience jabs them

Whisper that the greatest power is not in terror but prayer and fear of the Lord

That the ability to generate and regenerate is not in regression, digression and degeneration Let’s all unite and end the algebra of violence


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