Football Coach Who Won Supreme Court Prayer Case Returns 🔌


How does Kennedy feel about being back?

Not as excited as one might expect, as The Associated Press’ Ed Komenda details:

But after fighting to be rehired for seven years, Joe Kennedy isn’t sure he wants it anymore, and the thought of kneeling in the spotlight again makes him queasy.

On Friday night, he is due to coach his first game since 2015, when he last pressed his knee to the turf at Bremerton High School’s Memorial Stadium. Everyone will be watching for him to pray again, he said.

“Knowing that everybody’s expecting me to go do this kind of gives me a lot of angst in my stomach,” said Kennedy, standing near midfield, where he intends to kneel when the game clock expires Friday. “People are going to freak out that I’m bringing God back into public schools.”

For the full background on the case, see the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision in Kennedy v. Bremerton.

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