5 Documentaries About Orthodox Christianity to Watch This Month


News of mass baptism and conversion to Orthodoxy in countries like Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya have become common. This trend shows that Orthodox Christianity is not an ethnocentric religion, like its critics claim, and “Kananga” is a documentary that shows us exactly that.

Kananga is a city in the central region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country rich in minerals but destroyed by wars and poverty. Kananga has also been described as one of the most dangerous places in the world. More than 50 years ago, two Greek priests embarked on a journey to Kananga to plant an Orthodox mission. They planted the seed that brought faith and hope to the war-thorn community.

Now, the work of the mission is spread across the country, leading to the construction of churches and the establishment of free schools. The documentary follows the mission’s tireless efforts, detailing the role of faith in the lives of local Orthodox people, who face poverty and famine everyday. Kananga shows us how Orthodoxy helps these people cope with their grim reality by providing them hope.

The documentary mentions an anecdote. In 1991, local guerillas invaded the mission to plunder it. However, the guerilla fighters remembered that the Greek Orthodox mission was the only one that didn’t have any financial or political involvement. After that realization, they apologized and left. This short but memorable story speaks volumes about the mission’s work and reputation among the locals.

“Kananga” is a must-watch for everyone who wants to understand African Orthodoxy.

Parallel Love: The Story of a Band Called Luxury (2021)

Described by critics as unpredictable, vibrant and full of surprises, “Parallel Love” tells a story of Luxury, a rock band from the small Georgian town of Toccoa. On the verge of greatness, members of Luxury end up in a car accident that changes their life paths forever.

The documentary combines archival footage and interviews exploring the history of the band and the extraordinary journey of faith. After the accident, some members of the band began to explore spirituality, which led to them converting to Orthodox Christianity. Eventually, three out of five band members went on to become Orthodox Christian priests.

The Luxury band still perform. It is interesting to see how band members pray and bless the studio before they record a new album. “Parallel Love” is indeed an exciting story about the band that escaped tragedy, gave up fame, came to faith and became rock and roll Orthodox priests.

There is always time for a good documentary. What is your favorite documentary about Orthodox Christianity? Share it with us in the comments below.

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