Home NEWS Church and Police engage in peace promotion after Zimbabwe’s 2023 Harmonized Elections – Catholic Church News

Church and Police engage in peace promotion after Zimbabwe’s 2023 Harmonized Elections – Catholic Church News

Church and Police engage in peace promotion after Zimbabwe’s 2023 Harmonized Elections – Catholic Church News


By Elena Mupandawana

The Zimbabwe Head of Christian Denominations, (ZHOCD) Church bodies that include the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC), Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC), Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) and UDACIZA had an engagement meeting with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) representatives on 6 September 2023 to deliberate on the 2023 harmonised election observations. The main objective of the meeting was to reflect on what can be done by both Church and Police to maintain peace and tolerance in the post 2023 Harmonised Election period in Zimbabwe. 

Both the Church and the ZRP noted that there were a number of anomalies and positives which transpired during the elections. The two bodies came up with some recommendations which they said should be taken into consideration by relevant stakeholders in the post-election period.

The participants from ZHOCD and ZRP pose for a photo after the engagement meeting in Harare.

The meeting mapped and developed an action plan which outlined practical ways in which the Church and ZRP can work together to promote peace and tolerance in the post-election period. The Church and ZRP shared the same mandate to remain non-partisan in their conduct and in serving the nation. Collaboration between the two institutions will result in the promotion of human rights, human dignity and the common good which are key pillars to peace, tolerance and development of Zimbabwe.

In his welcome remarks, ZCBC Secretary General Fr. Tryvis Moyo, emphasised the need to promote peace in the post-election era.  

“Elections are now behind us, hence, there is need to promote peace as we have life after elections. Of late the Church have been receiving disturbing reports of intimidation of voters in some areas and in some instances, people who participated as election observers and polling agents are fleeing their homes for safety as they continue to be threatened. The Church and ZRP should collaborate in promoting peace, reconciliation and tolerance post elections to enhance development. There is no peace without development and no development without peace,” Fr. Moyo said.

He also called for unity among Churches to be able to speak with one voice on critical issues in Zimbabwe.

The Church and ZRP has longstanding relationship which dates back to 2021 starting with engagements at National and Provincial levels. Emphasis was placed on the readiness of the Church to complement the police services on initiatives aimed at promoting human rights, human dignity and the common good.

ZRP Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi applauded the Church for its work in promoting peace and commended her to remain resilient.

The ZRP representatives comprised of Chief Superintendent CID Crime Department E. M. Runganga, Chaplain General Assistant Commissioner of the ZRP Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Doyce and ZRP Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner, Paul Nyathi. They all applauded the Church for the work she is doing in promoting peace. Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, encouraged the Church to cultivate good relationships with the police and continue playing its role in preaching peace and tolerance.

“Help us to pray, it’s not over until it’s over,” he commended.

One of the issues discussed concerned the role of media as beacon of peace promotion. However, the meeting noted that there was an increase in cyber bullying through the use of social media platforms resulting in unabated hate speech. The Church and ZRP agreed to work together in restoring human dignity through the good use of the media.

Both ZHOCD and ZRP said they will embark on joint peace campaigns through pulpit campaigns, radio/TV programs such as crime watch, peace education workshops, road shows, signing of peace pledges, dialogue with stakeholders, hold national peace campaigns with Parliamentarians, to promote peace, tolerance and development.     



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