Traditional Rulers are ministers of God-WATS don


Dean of Spiritual Formation and Practical Ministry at the West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS), Lagos, Pastor Olufemi Emmanuel PhD, has described traditional rulers as ministers of God.

He made the submission while speaking at the conferment of a honorary doctorate degree on the Olu of Ipaja Land, Lagos, Oba Ajani Akolawole Egundupe, Ilufemiloye 1 by Lagos-based God First Bible College.

Emmanuel who was the guest speaker at the event which held at the  Oba’s Palace in Ipaja on Friday, September 15, said  “Traditional rulers are ministers of God because of the leadership assignment God has given them.”

Oba Ajani Akolawole Egundupe, Ilufemiloye displaying the award


Reading from Romans 13:4-7, the WATS don stressed,  “The Bible recognises the Kabiyesi not just because he is a Christian but because of the privileged position that God has placed him.”

 “The Bible calls him a minister of God. It’s not common at a time we are in to see traditional rulers as ministers of God. Sometimes we see them as idol worshipers, as people we don’t want to relate with. We should see them as servants of God because they are under the direct leadership of God. God is a respecter of hierarchy, so the people He has put in position are recognised as His ministers.”

He however prayed that the Oba would use the sword God had given him effectively.

Oba Ajani Akolawole Egundupe, Ilufemiloye with some well wishers and the Provost of God First Bible College, Pastor Babatunde

Tribute to whom tribute is due

Emmanuel prayed “In your reign, evil will not prevail in Ipaja because God has ordained you as a minister to be a terror to evil. God will cause you to use the sword against evil in your domain in the name of Jesus,” he prayed.

“That is why verse five of Romans 13 says for the sake of conscience, people who believe in God must submit to authority. If you look at verse seven of Romans 13  it reads,  ‘Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.”


Appreciating the Bible College for honouring the monarch, Emmanuel said, “That you have allowed God to inspire you to honour Kabiyesi, you are obeying God and may He bless you.

“May the Kabiyesi live many more years to receive more honour and in his time, peace and development shall come to Ipaja, it will be an elevated environment among communities in Lagos State,” he prayed.

In his response, Oba  Egundupe Ilufemiloye appreciated the Bible College and all in attendance. He said he never thought he could get such award

While noting that many people look forward to being honoured, he said,  “I thank God for it and I  appreciate the institution that honoured me. I know it’s God’s doing. I thank them for thinking of giving someone like myself this honour.

He attributed the development in Ipaja to God adding that the community will experience more development strides in the coming years.

Bible College 

Provost of God First Bible College, Rev. (Dr.) Victor Ayodele Babatunde said the college decided to honour the Royal Father for his philanthropic nature and kindness.

He used the opportunity to give a brief of the Bible College which was established on September 27, 2018

Babatunde said the College is a training ground for church workers irrespective of their sex.  “We graduate students at certificate level, bachelor level, diploma, HND, Master and Doctorate degree of different courses including Missions, Theology, and Biblical Studies and by the grace of God,” he said.

The school had its first convocation on November 5 2022. Plans are underway to hold its second convocation.  The provost hinted at the school’s proposed affiliation.

“We are working on our affiliation with the West Africa Theological Seminary and we are also working with the Association of Christian Education; an institution that trains theology students in Africa. We are also working to have a deep relationship with the  Ondo State University Akungba,” he said.

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