“How God delivered me from being a herbalist”



By Olawale Perfect

On Saturday, September 30,  Rev. Godwin Ashe, Zonal Superintendent of Foursquare Gospel Church, Alimosho Zone will be launching three books titled “Needed in the City, Tied in the Village”, “Reversing the Irreversible” and “Breaking the Curse in the Blood”

A naturally shy person, Ashe finds solace in book writing. “That is how I express myself very well,” he said in a recent interview.




Beyond writing books, Ashe has an interesting trajectory. His father, a herbalist had inspired him early in life and he had dreamt of taking after him.

But the story changed when he heard the gospel one Sunday morning. That message ignited an instant transformation in his life.

“The message caused an immediate change in me. Everyone around me noticed a different person from the person who was once notorious,” he recalled.

Ashe who refers to himself as a “spiritual activist,” said if had not become a pastor he would have pursued a career in law because of his penchant for justice. “I don’t like to see people being cheated,” he said.

Today, rather than defend people in the law court, he is busy ushering them into God’s kingdom. He seems to cherish his life as a believer than any other thing.

Believers then and now

He recalls with relish how believers lived their lives 37 years ago when he surrendered to Jesus.

“The commitment of then was better than now. People stuck to their religious values and beliefs all through. There was also a way of identifying one another in the midst of the crowd. We addressed ourselves with the terms ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ within and outside the Christian fellowship.” Ashe said,

He emphasised the need for a close relationship with God while also stressing that “ministers of the gospel should embrace humility and treat people right. Your asset as a minister is the number of lives you are able to be a part of, the souls you can rescue and direct.”

On his book Ministry, he says, “Most times, when people read my books, they reach out to me via my phone number and social media handles. As of yesterday, someone called me commending my books, and this gladdens my heart.”

Giving details of the launch, he says, “The proceeds from the launch of these books would be used for Church Planting. The event which is open to the public will hold at Foursquare Gospel Church, Alimosho Zonal Headquarters, 11a Kokumo Road beside Chicken Republic, Alimosho, Lagos.”

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