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By Br. Alfonce Kugwa

Fr. Tawanda Makuvaza who graduated with a Diploma in Agriculture.

A Catholic priest from Gokwe Diocese in Zimbabwe, Fr. Tawanda Makuvaza, graduated with a Diploma in Agriculture from Rio Tinto Agricultural College in a ceremony that was attended by dignitaries from the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, universities, banks and local authorities.

Fr. Makuvaza was among the 65 students, 50 females and 15 males, who graduated from the agricultural college.

The graduands were challenged to turn agriculture into a business, create employment through agriculture and to contribute to the country’s food security.

The Catholic Church in Zimbabwe has tracts of arable land which can be used for agricultural purposes to contribute to the country’s food basket and having qualified agriculturalists like Fr. Makuvaza is one way through which the Church can benefit from irs resources.

Fr. Makuvaza said he is ready to contribute to the growth of agriculture in the Church as most rural dioceses rely on agricultural activities to support the Church. He said Zimbabwe’s economy is highly reliant on agriculture and that the Church should also participate in the field of agriculture as a way of self-reliance.

“From the creation story, men and women should use the land for survival. Our economy is heavily reliant on agriculture and the Church, with its vast tracts of land, should not be left behind. Food provision is also another form of evangelization and the church should be in the forefront of food production,” said Fr. Makuvaza.

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