New Pipe Water Supply system and Two Six Stanza Toilet Blocks in Kamuli Distric


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has funded and contracted WaterAid Uganda to cooperate with the Kamuli district government officials, school administrators of Yana Community High School, Orion Primary School and other local community leaders to construct a new solar powered pipe water supply system.  The project has involved installation of a mega tank to act as a water reservoir after pumping with over four Public Stand Points (P.S.Ps) which have been installed in the various locations within the sub-county of Nawanende Parish Kamuli District. This new solar powered system has been designed to serve a total of 9517 residents  of Nankuni, Buluse and Wandegeya villages in Nawanende Parish Kamuli district according to Alice Apolot the Project Officer for WaterAid Uganda.  In addition, two ventilated improved modern toilet facilities each consisting of six stanzas have been constructed on both Yana Community High School and Orion Primary School to improve sanitation and hygienic practices among the girl children.

At the completion and handover of the project, Mbiro Moses, Jinja Stake President of the Church, spoke on behalf of the church.  The event was attended by country officials including Rt.Hon. Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga the 1st Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for East African Affairs, Woman Area Member of Parliament Kamuli District; Ms. Jane Ssembukye the country Director WaterAid Uganda and other officials from WaterAid.  Also attending were Kamuli District Government officials including Ms. Rose Birungi the Residential District Commissioner Kamuli District, Ssentongo Badiru the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Kapere Moses the LCIII Chairperson Nawanende and many other local government officials.

Rt.Hon. Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga was the chief guest at the event.  She expressed her sincere thanks and gratitude to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She informed the public that she is a witness to the various amazing humanitarian projects the Church has done throughout the country and she urged the leaders of the Church to continue these great works as there are numerous blessings that come from serving God’s children. She further said that it is key to make it a priority by all official and development partners to see that health, education and hygiene come first before any other concern as this focus will greatly improve the welfare of the citizens in the country at large.

Ms. Jane Ssembukye the country Director for WaterAid Uganda expressed appreciation to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for its trust in WaterAid and for contracting it on various occasions to implement humanitarian and impactful projects under the funding of the Church’s Humanitarian Department. She affirmed WaterAid’s commitment to continue to be engaged with the Church and in Ugandan communities to address public issues concerning health and hygiene.

Kalulu Robert, the chairperson of the management board that oversees both community schools, expressed his feelings and said, “once a dream now a reality.”  He showed an overview of how the two schools were struggling to implement hygiene and sanitation especially among the girl children. He says the local temporary toilets are really difficult to maintain hygienically causing adverse affects for the girls such as illnesses and infections resulting in absenteeism from school. The construction of the modern toilets and installation of safe clean water and water supply points at both schools will significantly improve sanitation and hygiene at both schools resulting in improved health and well-being of the students.

Jinja Stake President Mbiro Moses informed the public of the amount the Church has invested to make this project successful. This significant investment by the Church was done to see that the people of Kamuli are living a conducive and happy life.  The Church’s contribution affirms that it prioritizes the wellbeing of everyone even if differences exist amongst us.  Currently,  only one Church member lives within the district.  The Church has still implemented a project that will benefit thousands of people in Kamuli District.  He concluded his speech by emphasizing sustainability and encouraging maintenance of the project by the local community leaders and residents so that the project will benefit students and residents for a long period of time.

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