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By Quegas Mutale in Binga

Binga Deanery pastoral council members attending a meeting at Tusimpe Pastoral Centre.

The Leadership of Binga Deanery was encouraged to play a key role in encouraging awareness about self-reliance in the Church. This was discussed during the Deanery Pastoral Council meeting held at Tusimpe Pastoral Centre from 10 to 11 November 2023.

Binga Deanery consists of All Souls Binga, St. Mark’s Nagangala, Holy Cross’ Lusulu, St. John Mary Vanney’s Kariangwe and St. Padre Pio’s Siachilaba Missions.

During the meeting, Fr. Brillie Tshuma of St. Mark Mission shared some information about the need for a self-reliant Church which does not always depend on foreign aid.  

The Dean for Binga Deanery, Fr. Masimba Nyoni, encouraged people to support the church in their different ways. He advised the deanery leadership to take the lead in raising awareness on self-reliance. He said some centres have embraced self-reliance to support the Church.

Fr. Tshuma buttressed Fr. Nyoni’s words saying: “It is not only about what God can do for you but what you can also do for yourself and others. It’s not about money only, you can help with whatever you can afford.”

Mr. Muchimba Dube of St. Mark’s Mission who is the Vice Chairperson for Binga Deanery Pastoral Council, pointed out that people may provide labour as a way of promoting self-reliance.

Fr. Tshuma also echoed that people can contribute grains and livestock which can be sold to raise funds to support church projects. He said lack of support for priests may force them to find alternative means of survival which may affect their vocation or interfere with their pastoral duties.  

Participants were encouraged to disseminate the message to all missions in the deanery so as to ensure cooperation of everyone in forging self-reliance within the deanery.

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