Home NEWS Hwange Diocese AGM destined to shape the local Church’s future – Catholic Church News

Hwange Diocese AGM destined to shape the local Church’s future – Catholic Church News

Hwange Diocese AGM destined to shape the local Church’s future – Catholic Church News


By Fr. Vincent Lumano

Rt. Raphael Ncube and the curia with the panel of Diocesan Pastoral Executive.

In a remarkable display of unity and dedication, the Diocese of Hwange held its Annual General Meeting from the 16th to 18th November 2023. The meeting was opened and closed by the Eucharistic celebration. Held within the serene and sacred confines of the Diocesan Marian Shrine, the meeting brought together 33 parishes and missions, serving as a platform to deliberate on critical matters impacting the diocese’s future.

Led by the Bishop Raphael Mabuza Ncube, the meeting took place at the beautifully renovated Diocesan Marian Shrine. Priests, sisters, and the devout people of God flocked to the now outstanding shrine to participate in a meeting that will shape the diocese’s destiny. Everyone was encouraged to play an active role, fostering collaborative, decision-making and uphold a deep sense of belonging all in an effort to develop the local church.

The participants contributed passionately and with enthusiasm as they shared insights, drawing from the vestiges of their faith. The leaders provided unwavering support, ensuring that every voice was heard and represented. This collaborative approach enriched the meeting, fostering a sense of communal ownership and shared responsibility.

Moreover, the Annual General Meeting served as a platform for associations, guilds, and commissions, as well as religious institutions, to present their reports, evaluate their contribution to the Church and to proffer their action plans. It provided an opportunity to celebrate the milestones achieved while also reflecting on areas that required improvement. This ensured that all arms of the diocese were thoroughly monitored and evaluated.

The meeting also looked at issues that affect its people and tried to find ways of addressing them. With insights gained from this gathering, the diocese can enact positive change and implement targeted programs to uplift the lives of its faithful. The meeting laid the strong foundation for the future, reinforcing the diocese’s commitment to its core values while fostering unity, progress, and deepening of faith in the diocese.

Participants from different parishes and missions at the 2023 AGM.

The above pictures of the Annual General Meeting at the Diocesan Marian Shrine, showcasing the unity, devotion, and enthusiasm that permeated the event. From engaging discussions to heartfelt prayer, the images encapsulated the dedication of the participants and the hopeful path they paved for the future of the Diocese of Hwange. It was evident from the snapshots that the event was marked by a deep sense of community and a shared commitment to nurturing faith and spiritual growth. The vibrant images served as a visual narrative, illustrating the profound impact that this gathering had on the participants and the promising trajectory it set for the diocese.

The guest of honour, Fr. Marko Mkandla emphasized the importance of this gathering in the context of the church’s journey towards self-reliance. He applauded those who participated in the meeting for accepting to represent others.

Bishop Mavuza acknowledged the participation of priests, sisters and the laity for the unwavering commitment and dedication to the church’s mission and vision. He told the gathering that the upcoming year would be dedicated to the Eucharist, a central sacrament in the Catholic faith that symbolizes unity, nourishment, and spiritual growth.

“The theme Christ our hope, a synodal journey towards a self-reliant church, will continue to guide our efforts and actions. The theme highlights the church’s reliance on Jesus Christ as their source of hope and inspiration, while it also emphasizes the importance of a united and cooperative approach to achieving our shared goal,” Bishop Ncube said.

The announcement of the “year of the Eucharist” reinforced the significance of the sacrament and gave joy to the people of Hwange who said the Eucharist increases the faith and hope.



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