Boy Child Graduation Event at Ol Kalou Rescue Center, Nyamdarua Countyis


On 14 August 2023, Pastor Dr. Dorcas Rigathi  announced the creation and launch of Boy Child Program.  Boy Child was created to assist boys and young men in leaving drug and alcohol addiction and moving into productive lives.  Drug and alcohol addiction destroys lives and are a scourge among too many young men and boys in Kenya.  At the launch, Pastor Dr. Dorcas thanked the supporters and financial supporters of Boy Child Program, including principle financial sponsor, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

On 22 November, 2023, 132 boys and young men completed a significant phase of addiction recovery coupled with acquisition of technical skills that is part of Boy Child’s rehabilitative program.  To mark the progress toward sober, productive living, a graduation event was held at Ol Kalou Rescue Center, Nyamdarua County, Kenya.  The Nyandarua Empowerment Centre provides vital training in multiple areas for its patrons on their journey to sobriety  and productive living including:

  • Addiction recovery counseling
  • Technical skills training beneficial to obtaining gainful employment
  • Seeking and securing jobs
  • Entrepreneurial skills training
  • Reintegration into society skills

Convening to recognize and encourage the graduating boys and young men were the 2nd Lady of Kenya, Pastor Dr. Dorcas Rigathi, Religious Leaders, Local county government leaders, members of Parliament and members of the Nyamdarua County assembly.

Of the impact of the Boy Child program in his life, one graduate said, “I have regained my dignity and status, my family has come back as my wife had left me due to addiction. I am grateful for the opportunity to be rehabilitated.”

A Senator from Nyandarua County spoke to the importance of the objectives of the Boy Child Program, “If it has not affected me, alcoholism has affected my brother.  If it has not affected my brother, it has affected one of my family members. Therefore this is a problem which needs a collaborative effort from all spheres to eradicate it. I grew up in a difficult condition because my dad was an alcoholic. This made my grandmother pick me to raise me. The only reason I did not take alcohol is because I do not want my children to be taken by their grandmother. Growing up with this principle, I have never taken alcohol.”

Pastor Dr. Dorcas Rigathi, the founder of Boy Child Program spoke biblically of its importance.   “Like Sarah who did not believe getting a son at an old age was possible, many people did not believe our course at the beginning. When you change a girl, you change a community. As a mother, I can confirm that when you change a boy, you change the seed carrier, to provide good leadership, good fatherhood, and a good future. This is the engine that is going to change the economic structure of our nation. We are all working together to make it happen.”

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