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The Body of Christ Africa News (BoCA News) is a portal that provides information on religious organisations in Africa and African Churches in diaspora. If you want to stay up to date on current events and news from every church in Africa as well as those with sister branches all across the diaspora, BoCA News is the place to go. 

With great joy, BoCA News seeks to expand the visibility of places of worship and messages of hope by all churches, news that the mainstream media may not broadcast, particularly on religious concerns, as well as an overall understanding of the Holy Scripture. BoCA News aims to create an easy format through which individuals can locate a place of workshop across the continent by following its events and activities through this portal. Any place of worship should strive to connect with others, and BoCA News makes this simple, easy, and feasible.

BoCA News is a dedicated platform that will help you stay informed with events, activities and teachings of most Churches and ministries across the African continent. We do this by covering directly or linking to articles and reports from other publishing outfits across the continent and beyond. 

Above all, having current news is a powerful tool for religious upliftment. It is the process through which a person or group invites God’s presence into their life and world, and reading about the scripture and special messages of faith from various religious leaders strengthens you as an individual and increases your faith. Worship has a way of improving people’s lives and offering them new perspectives on their situations, thus being up to date on religious and spiritual news is beneficial to everyone. It is a huge blessing to be able to perceive life through God’s eyes rather than our own. As a result, through breaking news, BoCA News tries to promote churches / ministries and their messages.

Welcome to BoCA News, where you will get an up to date news and more about your favourite churches in Africa and beyond.

 Our Mission

 The goal of the Body of Christ Africa News (BoCA News) is to keep you up to speed on events in churches across Africa and beyond. The greatest gift of Christianity is the power to provide spiritual and emotional support to worshippers, and with BoCA News, keeping up with news across the continent and beyond has never been easier. Using the BoCA News platform, you will have far-reaching connectivity with your expectations and BoCA News encourages unity, keeping you knowledgeable on what is happening around religion and Christianity. BoCA News puts exciting news at your fingertips.