Church Repairs Flood Damaged Elementary Schools in Uganda


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints funded significant repairs and upgrades to two flood damaged elementary schools in Buyanga, Uganda that were delivered on April 29, 2023. Before completion of this project, over 1,000 students at the two schools either had to attend classes outdoors or drop out due to the collapse of school buildings during heavy rainfall in November 2022.

The Buyanga and Dhakaba Primary Schools each received the following repairs: construction of two new three-classroom structures, a new office structure with computer lab, a new kitchen, new toilet facilities and associated equipment, and new 10,000-liter water collection tanks.

The handover ceremony was presided over by the Honorable Akello Beatrice, Minister of State for Economic Monitoring, who represented the Vice President of Uganda Jessica Alupo. Other Uganda government officials were Member of Parliament from Bugweri Rachel Magoola, Ambassador Zaake Kidebi, Residential District Commissioner Janet Mulindwa, Deputy Residential District Commissioner Dawuda Kato, Chief Administrative Officer Doreen Akusama, and NRM District Chairperson Okemos Michael.

The Church was represented by Jinja Stake President Mbiro Moses, Church Humanitarian Services Director Denis Mukasa, Iganga Ward Bishop Tenywa, and Communications Representative Kiwalabye Derick Tonny.

Hajji Muziransa Shafi, Bugwere District Chairperson, hailed the Church as “good Samaritans,” highlighting the fast response to their call for aid and the high quality of work exhibited. He applauded the humanitarian spirit of the Church and added, “our children have been saved from disruption and our district saved from shame.”

Jinja Stake President Mbiro Moses said, “as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we do not only care about the spiritual wellbeing of God’s children, but also their physical wellbeing. That is why we don’t take a back seat when there is a need. We have come to help just as our Savior did while doing charity for others. We do as much as we can, no matter how little.”

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