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Church leaders from various parishes of the Redeemed Christian Church of God across Nigeria gathered at the Redemption City, Ogun State, for Leadership Course 5 organized by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM), RCCG Chapter. The theme of the day was “Innovate,” with a focus on crafting strategic directions and effective personnel management for local parishes.

The conference kicked off with a thought-provoking discourse by Mr. Ahmed Ladan Gobir, FCIPM, Chairman of the Ethics Committee at CIPM, on the “Ethics of the HR Profession.” Gobir emphasized the paramount importance of fairness, honesty, and confidentiality in HR practices. He outlined key ethical considerations, including confidentiality, non-discrimination, honesty, and integrity, urging HR professionals to maintain high standards in their conduct. Gobir’s insightful presentation provided attendees with a comprehensive framework for navigating ethical challenges in HR management.

Following Gobir’s address, Prof. Oladele Balogun, MCIPM, Special Assistant to the RCCG General Overseer on Administration took the stage to deliver an engaging talk on “Innovate: Crafting a Strategic Direction for the Church.” Balogun stressed the urgency for local parishes to adapt and innovate in response to the evolving societal landscape. “Innovation is the key to relevance in a changing world,” he remarked, emphasizing the need for church leaders to craft 10-year plans aligned with the Vision 2032 of RCCG.

Using his personal local parish as a case study, Pastor Balogun conducted a comprehensive internal analysis based on the SWOT framework. He identified strengths such as talented leadership and engaging activities like prayer. He encouraged church leaders to recognize and optimize these strengths for sustained growth while addressing weaknesses and leveraging opportunities.

Afterward, Pastor Julius Olalekan, MCIPM, Special Assistant to the RCCG General Overseer on Personnel, presented a paper on “Personnel Management and Vision 2032.” He underscored the importance of placing the right people in suitable roles, offering incentives, and providing training at all levels to equip individuals with the necessary skills.

“Love and unity are crucial for organizational success,” Olalekan remarked, emphasizing the significance of fostering a supportive environment and handling transitional issues with gratitude and wisdom. He also addressed the importance of leaders avoiding personal biases and managing conflicts effectively for organizational development.

Following Olalekan’s address, Engr. Sean Olabode Badiru, MCIPM, Chairman of the CIPM Ogun State Branch, took the stage to deliver an engaging talk on “Transforming Digital Presence: Strategies for Innovation and Growth.” Drawing inspiration from Albert Einstein and Deepak Chopra, Engr. Badiru challenged attendees to think beyond conventional boundaries and embrace innovation in their digital strategies.

Engr. Badiru’s presentation delved into practical approaches for enhancing digital presence. He stressed the importance of defining social media goals, understanding target audiences, and tailoring content to meet audience preferences. He said “We need to start with the understanding of where we stand, as an organization. Before we can launch ourselves into the stratosphere, we need a solid foundation. That means taking a good, honest look at our current social media presence. What’s working, what’s not, and what kind of message are we currently sending? We need to do an audit before we hit the ground running. Once we have that baseline, we can then craft a social media strategy that will serve as our compass online.”

Engr. Badiru showcased the practical use of image and text-generative AI by creating text prompts for image-generative platforms. He then utilized the generated text to create an image for a flyer, which he seamlessly imported into Canva. During the event, he demonstrated Canva’s versatility in designing professional-grade graphics and visual content, empowering attendees to elevate their digital presence.

Amidst the wealth of knowledge shared, Pastor Ifeoluwa Afolabi, MCIPM, Chairman of CIPM, RCCG Chapter and host of the event, expressed gratitude to everyone and assured that the CIPM RCCG Chapter will continue to power programs that equip ministers in RCCG to be more productive.

The conference concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment among attendees to implement innovative strategies and effective personnel management techniques in their respective parishes. As church leaders return to their respective parishes, they are poised to apply ethical HR practices and harness the power of digital innovation to propel their churches forward.

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